Prioritize your product roadmap
with confidence

Moving priorities around.

Kano powered surveys and analyses
to help you decide what to work on first

  • Name the features
    you want to ask people about

  • We create and
    host a Kano survey

  • People
    complete the survey

  • Kano-powered analysis
    tells you what to work on first

Create your survey

Create your survey

As many surveys and analyses as you want. For free.

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"I'm moving into Product Management and I love it. It's simple, it's focused, and that's what I enjoy in a product."

— MaatIndieHacker on Indie Hackers

"With Kanochart it's very easy to get valuable insights to prioritize our product roadmaps with. We immediately added it to our company's official toolbox."

— Fredrik Forstbach, Product Manager at etventure GmbH, an EY company

"I saw one example of the output and instantly wanted to use it for my own project."

— Dave Young, creator of Magnus Rush, the ultimate podcast app

The fast way to build your roadmap

No more internal bickering or HiPPO fights

Take your ideas and turn them into a survey in seconds

All you need is the list of features you want to prioritize. We'll cook up your survey faster than you can say "Kano".

Share it with your customers. It will take them less than a minute to complete.

Kano survey

Decide with confidence

As the responses come in, confidence grows about what features to prioritize.

Confidence builds

Clear and actionable roadmap, backed by data

No more internal bickering, no more gut-based decision-making.

The more valuable a feature or business idea is to your customers, the higher it is ranked in our report.

Our analyses are based on the Kano method, a time-tested model to categorize customer attitudes towards products and services.

Here's an example report
Ideas, prioritized by customer value

It's free

Create as many surveys and analyses as you want

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited responses

Access roadmap reports forever

Only people with the link can take your survey

Analyses are private; only you can access them